5mm - 8mm Width

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5mm Candy twist cord

5mm Candy twist cord£4.33

6mm  (Approx.) 100%  Unbleached Cotton cord

6mm (Approx.) 100% Unbleached Cotton cord£5.60

6mm ''tubular'' cord.

6mm "tubular" cord.£1.04  -  £34.51

6mm (Approx)  100% Rayon Cord

6mm (Approx) 100% Rayon Cord£4.37

6mm (Approx.) Strong cord 4 metres

6mm (Approx.) Strong cord 4 metres£4.30

6mm Blue Polypropylene Rope

6mm Blue Polypropylene Rope£6.41

6mm Synthetic Hemp Rope

6mm Synthetic Hemp Rope£10.52

6mm Synthetic Hemp Rope 20m reel

6mm Synthetic Hemp Rope 20m reel£31.80

8mm (Approx.) 100%  Unbleached Cotton cord

8mm (Approx.) 100% Unbleached Cotton cord£6.35

8mm Black Multifilament Rope

8mm Black Multifilament Rope£9.46

8mm Synthetic Hemp Rope

8mm Synthetic Hemp Rope£14.18


Page 1 of 1:    11 Items