Available discounts

This category provides information on the discounts we offer to help support deserving people. 

These discounts are:

Emegency service workers: 12.5%. Enter discount code: 999
Available to all emergency services staff and organisations. You must include details to support your claim such as NHS employment number along with data on where you work/for which NHS trust etc.

Redundency support: 12.5%. Enter discount code: 141.
Available to those unfortunate enough to be made redundent within 180 days of the order date.  You must include details in the comments field and/or by independent email quoting your order number and sent to: sales@truetrim.com to support your claim, such as a copy of your redundency notice along with data on where you worked and when it came into force.








  Industrial products in small quantities so you can make your samples and prototypes without going to great expense.  To see prices( inc'd discounts) and to place orders please sign-in or create a profile.