Jute cord cut lengths

Jute cord cut lengths

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Our polished 2mm (approx)natural Jute is supplied in packs of approx 50 pieces pre-cut to length. This is a premium, refined jute cord and should not be confused with the "cheap & slubby" garden variety offered by some "traders" on some "auction" style websites.  Biodegradable.

If you require this item in bulk please contact our Wholesale department at SupplyDivision.com.

Our 2mm (approx)natural Jute, cut lengths are  supplied in bags of approx 50 pieces pre length.

Cut lengths have a variance of +/-2%.

Note: Alternative, aka's, similar or previous product code(s) for this item: jute, flax, Linum usitatissimum, twine, knotting cord, whipping cord,