Personalised jeans button 100 pack

Personalised jeans button 100 pack

Article:  Personalisedjeansbutton100pack

Personalised Heavy Jeans Button:
17mm sets. Sold in packs of 100 sets. Two finishes shiny Nickel silver or Antique Brass.

Permanent personalisation which will send/reinforce your message for years to come.
This is NOT printed, it is laser etched into the item. It is permanent and will not rub or wash-off under regular use.

See below for full details.

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Personalised Jeans buttons:
17mm cap; Sold in packs of 100 sets, with or without tools. 17mm cap. Two finishes Nickel(shiny silver) or Antique brass.

Permant personalisation which will send/reinforce your message for years to come.
This is NOT printed, it is laser etched into your item. It is permanent and will not rub or wash off during normal use.

Send us your text/logo and we will advise if it is feasible for the item. Email your logo/text to:, please use "Personalised Logo Advice" in the subject field. Plain simple logos and text work the best. For this item all logos/text must fit into a 11mm diameter circle. You can mock-up in Microsoft word or similar to see if your choice is OK before sending it to us.

An initial non-repeatable origination fee* of £25.00(exclusive of VAT) is attracted to your first order(under 500 sets*) which will not apply to subsequent orders for the same image/text on the same item placed within 3 years. (I.E. Artwork for orders which are not repeated within 3 years of the original order is auto-deleted and not stored beyond that date).  You MUST add the origination charge your initial order.  If you neglect to do so the order will be cancelled from our system. You will need to re-order if you wish to proceed.

Dispatch of this item is normally within 15 days from receipt of order/signed-off artwork.

How to order:
1). You decide on the text/logo and either test yourself or send it to us for advice. We will either approve, disapprove or disapprove with recommendations and we will proceed accordingly.
2). You place your order on-line, we send you the art-work (.pdf format) to sign-off/approve(normally within 1-2 working days). You sign-off the sheet and send us a scan or photo of it clearly showing the order number, your name/trading name, signature and the date.
3). We do the "magic" & send the items to you/your delivery address if different.
4). You say "Wow, these are blinkin' fantastic, lets buy more!".
5). You buy loads more and then we retire into the sun-set (Yea!).

Prefer to do "sampling" first? Go HERE

*Origination fee waived on orders of 500+ sets.








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