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4/7 Lacing eyelet

4/7 Lacing eyelet£9.05

Eyelet set : 5mm internal

Eyelet set : 5mm internal£10.49

Hexagonal Eyelet 5mm internal

Hexagonal Eyelet 5mm internal£10.80

Plastic Eyelet: 6mm internal

Plastic Eyelet: 6mm internal£8.36

Eyelet set : 7mm

Eyelet set : 7mm£10.27

Plastic Eyelet: 12mm internal

Plastic Eyelet: 12mm internal£9.54

Curtain Eyelets 40mm

Curtain Eyelets 40mm£14.31

Eyelet setting : 3 part set

Eyelet setting : 3 part set£60.32

Plastic Breather eyelet

Plastic Breather eyelet£3.92


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items