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Now reduced to our ROCK-BOTTOM price.

Our "parent" company SupplyDivision have been having a clear-out. We have been tasked with clearing an enourmous quantity of trimmings.
To do this effectively and with the minimum amount of work we have created a number of cartons stuffed full of all manner of "goodies".
Some are mixed, containing a random selection of full, and part reels/rolls etc. Some are full of just one item. All are offered at the same price £24.00 (£20.00+VAT). But, if you want to amke us an offer on all remaining clearance catonsplease feel free to do so.
There is on average well over 4 x the value in each carton, some very much higher, so these really are a golden opportunity to obtain a large quantity of item(s) are a very affordable price

Once the carton is sold it will no longer be available, however the same item may be in another either mixed or on it's own.

This is a "one-off" opportunity. Once sold it will not be offered again.If you can't see a carton in the listing, it's sold.

We have listed most items that were put into the carton. However as these are offered as CLEARANCE, we haven't spent too much time on them, we are sure you can understand that would need to priced into the costing.

So please see below for APPROXIMATE guide to contents. Have fun!
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Box 37
16mm S/A  Hook  Black 1 x 25m
16mm S/A  Loop  Black 1 x 25m
20mm  Hook  Red 3 x 25m
30mm  Loop  Navy 1 x 25m
30mm  Hook  Olive Drab 4 x 25m
30mm  Loop  Olive Drab  3 x 25m
38mm  Hook Olive Drab  3 x 25m
38mm  Loop Olive Drab  3 x 25m
30mm  Hook  Forest Green 4 x 25m
20mm S/A Dots  Hook  Black  20m
25mm Hook  Red  2 x 25m 
25mm Loop  Red 1 x 25m
25mm Hook  Navy 2 x 25m
50mm S/A Hook White 2 x 25 
50mm S/A Loop White 2 x 25 
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