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3mm Plastic Piping 100M

3mm Plastic Piping 100M£86.36

3mm Plastic Piping

3mm Plastic Piping£5.57

Plastic Rivet : 12mm cap

Plastic Rivet : 12mm cap£5.20

Lanyard / Mobile phonestrap buckle

Lanyard / Mobile phonestrap buckle£5.04  -  £5.54

Plastic Hook

Plastic Hook£4.82  -  £17.42

Front release buckle: 10mm

Front release buckle: 10mm£3.26

Front release buckle

Front release buckle£3.18  -  £3.95

Lanyard ''Break-away'' anti-choke clip

Lanyard "Break-away" anti-choke clip£3.12  -  £3.24

Cam buckle

Cam buckle£2.95

Plastic rocking snap Hook

Plastic rocking snap Hook£2.95  -  £3.40

Single use studs: Black 5mm

Single use studs: Black 5mm£2.95

Single use studs: Black 7.5mm

Single use studs: Black 7.5mm£2.95

Zip tags

Zip tags£2.95

Plastic Ladder-locks

Plastic Ladder-locks£2.52  -  £4.43

Plastic ''Tri-Glide'' - sold in 4's

Plastic "Tri-Glide" - sold in 4's£1.50  -  £4.43

Single use Ribbon/Tape snap-clip

Single use Ribbon/Tape snap-clip£2.32

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Page 1 of 2:    23 Items