Polypropylene webbing - 1 Meter

Polypropylene webbing - 1 Meter

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Plain weave polypropylene webbing from 9mm(3/8") to a massive 100mm(4") in width. Sold here in units of 1 metre.

Plain weave polypropylene webbing as seen on leads, sports bag handles and ruck-sacks etc. Usually available in up to 7 widths and 8 colours.

Only the width/colour options shown in the drop-down field above are currently available.

If multiple units are ordered then we always try to send in one continuous length, not cut into 1 meter lengths Maximum lenght eiather 50m, 100m  or 1000m(item depependant).

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Plain weave polypropylene webbing seen on sports bag handles and ruck-sacks etc. Sold in units of metre.








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