Scissors & Snips

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11cm Embroidery Scissors

11cm Embroidery Scissors£8.59

9cm Embroidery Scissors Long

9cm Embroidery Scissors Long£3.89

Cutting out scissors

Cutting out scissors£11.69  -  £17.72

Double pointed scissors

Double pointed scissors£10.67

Left handed cutting out scissors

Left handed cutting out scissors£13.21

Pinking Shears 18cm(7'')

Pinking Shears 18cm(7")£14.05

Professional Tailors Shears

Professional Tailors Shears£26.03  -  £28.09

Tailors Shears Economy

Tailors Shears Economy£15.98  -  £17.66

Thread snips: Chromium plated

Thread snips: Chromium plated£13.92

Thread snips; Black blades

Thread snips; Black blades£2.26


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items