3mm latex free ear-loop50m(0.052Kg)*

3mm latex free ear-loop50m(0.052Kg)*
3mm latex free ear-loop50m(0.052Kg)*3mm latex free ear-loop50m(0.052Kg)*3mm latex free ear-loop50m(0.052Kg)*3mm latex free ear-loop50m(0.052Kg)*

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A specialist white 3mm(Approx) nylon/spandex elasticated cord produced for masks and ear-loops, without natural rubber. It was developed to be comfortable for those using masks repeatedly/all day.

It is sold in poly-bags by weight. It has an approximate unstretched yield of 880m per Kg(due to the manufacturing process this item can vary between 860m & 900m per Kg)  It has an approximate extension of 340%. I.e. 200mm will stretch to 640mm, 1m to 3.4m at its extreme. It is supplied continuous in bags approximately 50m(0.052Kg)*.

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Fibre content %, advised to us by the manufacturer is:  70% nylon and 30% spandex.

All information is provided in good faith, and as it has been provided to us by the manufacturer. The purchaser is advised to conduct their own comprehensive testing regime to determine suitability for their individual requirements.

This item is made in the same factory as regular elastic. Whilst it is made on it's own specialist machinery , in a dedicated area and packaged into ply bags directly as it is expressed from the machine it is possible its constituent yarns could have made contact with latex at some point their manufacturing journey.

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