Domestic Eyelet Machine Set (Little Suzie)

Domestic Eyelet Machine Set (Little Suzie)
Domestic Eyelet Machine Set (Little Suzie)Domestic Eyelet Machine Set (Little Suzie)Domestic Eyelet Machine Set (Little Suzie)

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Our "Little Suzie" is ideal for craft/home or very light/occasional industrial use use (Non-industrial, recommended for light/craft use only), for high volume and industrial use please look at our KPR1

This kit contains :

1 x "Little Suzie" press.
3 x 300 sets steel based gold/brass coloured eyelet sets, 300 sets each per size; 6mm, 10mm & 12mm .
3 x Tool-sets (One each for for 6mm, 10mm &12mm eyelets (Internal sizes)).

Delivery just 2-4  days.

Ready to operate on arrival.  Long handle grip design(can be used with chain as foot-press).  Easy seating of the eyelets on tools. 
Interchangeable dies for 3 popular sizes. 900 eyelet sets included (3 x 300). Mounting holes(press should always be screwed/bolted down securely before use).  70mm from back of press to middle of eyelet, accommodating more material than "craft pliers etc.   Allows eyelets to be set further into the material. Can be used on textiles or paper/card etc. Can be used facing into the table top for banners etc.

Can be mounted to a tabletop. We would recommend you secure the machine to a work surface before use.

Ideal for home/craft Use ( Non-industrial, recommended for light use only, for Industrial machines please look at our KPR1.

Machine colour/design may vary.  Steel based eyelets are very much cheaper than brass based items. We do not recommend the use of a steel based product on items which will become wet or be used in continuously damp conditions.  We do not sell any of these items separately. These items are only available in kit form. 

AKA: Hand press. Little Suzie, Little Dreamer, Item: 510985.