These used card-board reels are normally in "new condition" in that they are the remains of large industrial cutting jobs.

They will have been used once for production winding then un-reeled into a cutting machine at our facilities. On occasion they may contain the remnants of their original item. They can't be re-used for ultra high-speed winding at the producers a second time.

There are various sizes from 100mm to 200mm tall and 100mm to 150mm in diameter. We cannot guarantee any particular size.

They are priced to clear and available on an "as-and-when" basis.

Actual reel size and colour may vary. Photo is indicative of reel and should be used as a guide only.









  Industrial products in small quantities so you can make your samples and prototypes without going to great expense.  To see prices( inc'd discounts) and to place orders please sign-in or create a profile.