Pirelli Style Rubber Webbing

Pirelli Style Rubber Webbing

Article:  TT.WEB.RUBB.50MM.1M

50mm(2" approximately) wide Pirelli style elasticated/stretch rubber webbing.  Sold in  units of 1 meter (units are NOT cut into 1m lengths) or 50 meter rolls(maximum length) possible.

If you order multiple units(see discounts above) you will receive a single length, not multiple 1m lengths. I.e Order 5 units get 1 x 5m roll, order 15 units get 1 x 15m roll,  etc. 

We also sell the clips, see HERE.


50mm Pirelli style Elastic Rubber Webbing for upholstery. Sold in 1 meter or 50 Meter rolls








  Industrial products in small quantities so you can make your samples and prototypes without going to great expense.
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