Studs, Pressfasteners & Jeans Buttons

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Heavy duty fastener: Brass based

Heavy duty fastener: Brass based£4.59  -  £36.75

Heavy duty fastener: Steel based

Heavy duty fastener: Steel based£3.25  -  £23.56

Prong ring set: 10mm

Prong ring set: 10mm£9.25  -  £27.74

Cap ring set: 12mm

Cap ring set: 12mm£10.68  -  £32.03


POPFASTENER 20 SETS£4.34  -  £4.81

Boot / Lacing hook.

Boot / Lacing hook.£1.87

Clear plastic press fastener

Clear plastic press fastener£4.78

Decorative Star 9mm

Decorative Star 9mm£2.39

Dome rivet set

Dome rivet set£3.61

Glo-pearl Cap set: 12mm

Glo-pearl Cap set: 12mm£14.91

Jeans button

Jeans button£1.51

Nail Head stud

Nail Head stud£2.39  -  £3.02

Plastic Rivet : 12mm cap

Plastic Rivet : 12mm cap£4.20

Poppa pliers

Poppa pliers£11.21

Pyramid, Dog-collar stud.

Pyramid, Dog-collar stud.£1.97

Single use studs: Black 5mm

Single use studs: Black 5mm£2.39

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Page 1 of 2:    20 Items