Welcome to TrueTrim, trade supplies in small/sample order quantities.

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Just for fun we have hidden a 10% discount code on our website TrueTrim.com.(Yes, your right! It is a blatant incentive to get you to look around the site). It is made up of two parts consisting of 9 characters in total ( 5+4) which when combined and used in the voucher field at the check-out will automatically deduct a whopping 10% from your order value.The two parts of the code can be found "hidden" in plain sight on the site, somewhere. Be quick, there is a maximum number of 50 uses before the code automatically expires. Good luck!If you don't want it please feel free to share the news with anyone you think may enjoy the hunt and appreciate the discount too! (or perhaps just keep it for yourself!).
The protection of our staff and customers is paramount. Due to potential virus contamination we are unable to accept returns, otherwise goods and services are supplied under our 
terms and conditions of sale.

To aid our smaller business clients, who may not be UK VAT registered, prices shown on this site include VAT(UK government sales tax).
It will be automatically removed at checkout if you do not qualify to attract it/are not from the UK. 








  Industrial products in small quantities so you can make your samples and prototypes without going to great expense.  To see prices( inc'd discounts) and to place orders please sign-in or create a profile.