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trade & wholesale suppliers. We provide small, sample
quantities of's industrial items so our clients
may determine suitability for their particular application, without the
expense of ordering large quantities of a product.

The current minimum order value we can process is £12.00 net.
To keep the prices as low as possible to you we do not accept
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We are trade suppliers, not retailers.
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Latest Products
Soft Acrylic Twill Webbing

Soft Acrylic Twill Webbing£3.47

''Old-fashioned'' Parcel tag

"Old-fashioned" Parcel tag£4.96

0.5mm (Approx)  cord - 15 Metres

0.5mm (Approx) cord - 15 Metres£3.04

1.25mm (Approx)  Cord - 250 Metre reel

1.25mm (Approx) Cord - 250 Metre reel£24.57

1.25mm (Approx) Cord - 10 Meters

1.25mm (Approx) Cord - 10 Meters£3.04

1.25mm Silver Grey Cord - 10 meters

1.25mm Silver Grey Cord - 10 meters£2.11

1.3mm (Approx) Cord - 10 Meters

1.3mm (Approx) Cord - 10 Meters£3.04

1.5mm ''Rat tail'' cord - 100 Meters

1.5mm "Rat tail" cord - 100 Meters£19.67