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Top Sellers
Woven elastic

Woven elastic£1.20  -  £102.23

Cop 914m  Any shade card shade

Cop 914m Any shade card shade£1.55

Soft Acrylic Twill Webbing

Soft Acrylic Twill Webbing£1.20  -  £30.34


Bunting/Flag tape

Bunting/Flag tape£1.20  -  £148.73

2mm Round Metallic elastic

2mm Round Metallic elastic£1.20  -  £150.94

Cone 4572m  Any shadecard shade

Cone 4572m Any shadecard shade£7.38

Polypropylene webbing - 1 Meter

Polypropylene webbing - 1 Meter£1.20  -  £2.45


5mm 6 cord elastic

5mm 6 cord elastic£1.00  -  £67.00

Heavy Weight Herringbone weave cotton webbing

Heavy Weight Herringbone weave cotton webbing£1.20  -  £53.83

Herringbone weave cotton tape

Herringbone weave cotton tape£1.20  -  £56.02

Single use studs: Black 5mm

Single use studs: Black 5mm£2.95

Domestic Sewing machine needles - 5pcs

Domestic Sewing machine needles - 5pcs£2.70