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Top Sellers
6mm 6 cord elastic (1m)

6mm 6 cord elastic (1m)Contact us for Pricing

Bunting/Flag tape

Bunting/Flag tapeContact us for Pricing

6mm ''tubular'' cord. (1m)

6mm "tubular" cord. (1m)Contact us for Pricing

Woven elastic

Woven elasticContact us for Pricing

0.5mm (Approx)  cord - 1 Metre

0.5mm (Approx) cord - 1 MetreContact us for Pricing

012B  Rivet Cap & Nail - 10 sets

012B Rivet Cap & Nail - 10 sets£1.00   Contact us for Pricing

1.25mm Silver Grey Cord - 1 metre

1.25mm Silver Grey Cord - 1 metreContact us for Pricing

1.3mm (Approx) Cord - 10 Meters

1.3mm (Approx) Cord - 10 MetersContact us for Pricing