Monofilament Clear Nylon thread
Monofilament Clear Nylon thread
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Monofilament Clear Nylon thread

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Sales unit = 1 vicone (150's & 250's) or spool(720's).
Stock advice: Normally available from stock.

Product information below.
Available from stock in 3 deniers, 150's, 250's & 720s. Please see above for bulk order discounts

Available in 3 options this clear monofilament nylon thread is sold on vicones or reels(720's).The price listed is per cone(150's & 250'S) & Kg(720's), enter a "dummy" order or see above for discounts. 150's & 250's are sold on vicones, 720 on plain reels, see images left.

To order simply select the correct option and quantity in the fields above then click "ADD TO BASKET". Bulk order discount, if applicable, will be deducted automatically.

Normal uses for these are:
150's:: Blind hemming & very lightweight work.
250's: Normal sewing applications, blinds etc.
720's: Carpet "whipping/edging" and very heavy applications.

The approximate yield per cone is:
150's = 15,000m,  (227g vicone)
250's = 10,000m  (227g vicone)
720's = 10,000m. (1.1Kg Cone)

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Monofilament Clear Nylon thread
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